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Results of CHSSN Conference Exchange 2017 – Building together

As the Adaptation program that CHSSN has sponsored with Health Canada funding is coming to an end of a funding cycle, the CHSSN is once again bringing all of its partners together to review and discuss the results and lessons learned from these programs. It will be an occasion to inspire one another and to build on the success of the past 5 years.

The event has four primary objectives:

  • To highlight several Adaptation projects that were carried out in 2013-2018;
  • To review the implementation of health projects aimed at English-speaking individuals and communities in Quebec;
  • To highlight best practices and priorities for new projects in 2018-2023;
  • To encourage networking between all of the partners.

Despite a complete restructuring of the health system in 2015 the 2013-2018 Adaptation program has been able to achieve important objectives. The strong partnerships with community and the commitment from the health system have allowed these projects to succeed. This conference will highlight several of these success stories and the partnerships that have built successful results together.

This conference will be a key opportunity to develop new ideas and collaborations for improving access to health and social services for English-speaking communities and individuals across the province. This will also be an excellent opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the issues facing many communities and how those issues have been addressed through creative programing and adaptation of services.